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Sammi L. Siegel, Ph.D. is a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor who practices in South Miami, Florida.

Counseling with Dr. Siegel takes place in a caring, compassionate, and warm environment where privacy and confidentiality are honored and upheld.

For many people, counseling is a way to examine what it is that makes them tic. It is a time when the focus is only about the person in therapy and the life issues that are challenging to him or her. The goals of counseling are guided by the needs of the individuals, couple, or family. Dr. Siegel works in the service of helping you to make your life happier, meaningful, and more fulfilling.

Please call 305-613-1101 if you have a specific question or to find out if therapy is right for you. You are also welcome to email Dr. Siegel at Sammi@SiegelCounseling.com.